Below (or to the left if you're on a desktop) we have a screenshot of the Fraternity's Instagram account prior to my hire. This content spans 4 months, showing inconsistent posting. There is also a lack of an apparent brand and an absence of high-end original graphics, with most of them being made in a program like Canva, taken from online, or from other organizations. The follower count at this point was hovering around 300ish followers and each post acquired likes in the range of 10-30.

The content on the right (or below that if you're on mobile) is after 6 months of work in the organization. As you can see, it's filled with more original content and personally crafted graphics. Since my hire, I was able to boost accounts reached by 575%, accounts engaged by 563%, and total followers by 79.4%, and climbing, all in my first 3 months.
Some strategies I used to engage the younger audience was "Zete Animation Monday" where I would create animations for recruitment and or brand awareness and post them to the account every Monday. Many animations I made were direct requests from Brothers. Below are a few examples.

Here are some other examples of animations I made to further engage the Fraternity's members.
Below are a few examples of some carousels I created. The top one was to promote the organization's private LinkedIn group and the value of networking. The bottom one is a guide to have the best social media account's on your campus.
I also created, verified, and populated our Giphy account so chapters could have more promotional materials to use on Instagram stories.
Below are some examples of gifs that I have created for said chapters. As of 8-12-22 the 125 gif uploads I have made have accumulated over 7 million views since first posting them on 12-10-21.
Below is a link to the Instagram page if you would like to see it for yourself!
Do note, I stopped managing the page in March of 2023.
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