I was brought on as a Motion Designer with H-Industries, an Australian-based space start-up, to help bring the rough sketches of their satellites to life.
To start, I had to take some pencil and paper drawings from the CEO and turn them into a 3D model. Below is a top and bottom view of the satellite, everything was modeled, textured, and lit in Cinema 4D by me.
Next, I had to envision a way to cinematically show the satellite in space. For this, I took a slow and dramatic approach through carefully placed lights and gradualĀ movements.
H-Industries' goal is to create a railroad to Mars by 2030, so an audacious goal deserves a beautiful 3D render.
Below are some style frames that I created which led to the final animation.
And here is the final client approved result! SFX is from Mister Horse's animation composer.
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