I see a ton military recruitment ads on social media and honestly none of them seem to hit that hard. so I've taken it upon myself to make one for the United States Space Force.

To start off my creative process, I got to storyboarding. I really wanted to create a dope space scene and have a space ship flying into Mars, which feels both relevant and realistic considering SpaceX plans to land their pretty soon and I can't imagine other space organizations are that far behind.
Once the storyboard was done I got to modeling. I created this basic space ship pod look first, then added some extra texturing and displacement to really build it out. With some additional help from a nice HDRI and a well placed light, I was able to create this spaceship, here's a 360 degree view of the spaceship in the viewport and in Octane render.
Next I got into animating the scene. For this I create a spline path to which I then animated and aligned the spaceship to said line.
I then brought the rendered animation into Adobe After Effects for special effects and color correction.
To wrap everything up I added text effects a Space Force logo animation that I made and some music and sound effects. Below is the final product, enjoy!
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