I was hired on a short-term contract to develop UI animations, motion graphics for social media, and Lottie animations for the app, Nombolo (pronounced nome-bowl-o). Nombolo is a social app focused on connecting small businesses and communities.
A logo animation for Nombolo I created as a bumper for video and social content as well as to be potentially used in the app itself.
Here is a group of UI animations I made to explain different parts of the app. 
Enhancing a user's experience with micro animations is crucial to an enjoyable time on the app. Below is an animation I made for the loading screen where I rigged and animated the Nombolo face to keep business users engaged while their reward is being made. Once the reward is made I developed a confetti animation to celebrate the success of completing the stamp card.
Below is a how-to video I storyboarded, directed, and edited to explain the core feature of the app.
Below are some simple animations I made for their social pages.
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